Core Values

Our values are the foundation of everything we do. They shape our culture, guide our decisions, and drive us toward our mission and vision.

FleetGO's greatest asset: Our People

At FleetGO, our greatest asset is our dedicated team of over 170 professionals across our European offices, specializing in various divisions. Committed to delivering top-notch service to our valued customers, our culture is built on five core values. These principles guide our daily operations and shape our long-term vision, influencing our interactions with customers, partners, and team members.

1. Knowledge

At FleetGO, we embrace the power of knowledge. It guides our actions, fuels our growth, and empowers our team. We are dedicated to continual learning, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing not only within our team but also throughout the company. We organize workshop sessions, seminars, and various initiatives to ensure that knowledge flows freely for everyone within the organization.

2. Cooperation

Our second core value is ‘Cooperation.’ It means working together and helping one another. We believe that our success isn’t just about individual achievements but about everyone working as a team. We value cooperation within our team and with our customers, partners, and suppliers. It’s all about working together and supporting each other to achieve our goals.

3. Accountability

We trust in the power of freedom and responsibility, knowing that putting the right people in the right roles is vital for our success. We embrace personal and shared accountability, promoting teamwork because together, we can achieve endless possibilities. Plus, we’re committed to moving forward swiftly and efficiently, ensuring our efforts bring satisfying results as much as possible.

4. Agility

In an ever-changing market, we recognize the importance of staying attuned to our customers’ evolving needs. We take pride in our ability to swiftly respond to these needs and proactively develop innovative software solutions that keep us at the forefront of our industry. Our commitment to agility ensures that we are not just observers of change but active participants in shaping the future of our field. It’s this dynamic approach that sets us apart and fuels our ongoing success.

5. Growth

We value ‘Growth.’ We believe that when our team members grow, our company grows too. We’re committed to helping our team develop professionally, just as we’re dedicated to our company’s growth. We see growth as a shared journey, where each member can reach their full potential, contributing to FleetGo’s overall success.

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Field Engineer Deutschland
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Düsseldorf (DE) | Ainring (DE), Full-time, Part-time
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Düsseldorf (DE) | Ainring (DE), Full-time

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