Revolutionizing Logistics in Germany

Welcome to the world of FleetGO Group in Germany, where innovation meets excellence through two distinct divisions: Wanko Informationlogistik in Ainring and FleetGO Telematics Germany in Düsseldorf. As you embark on your journey with us, it’s essential to grasp the unique strengths and focus areas that set these divisions apart.


With a team of around 90 dedicated professionals, we at Wanko Informationlogistik excel in optimizing logistics processes. Our collective expertise and commitment drive us to provide integrated software solutions for warehousing and transport, delivering a substantial impact on operational efficiency. We proudly offer solutions tailored to diverse logistics and warehouse processes, leveraging our extensive knowledge and ensuring that no challenge is beyond our capabilities.

Jobs at Ainring

Sales Manager DACH Region
Düsseldorf (DE) | Ainring (DE), Full-time, Part-time

FleetGO Telematics Germany

At FleetGO Telematics Germany, we take pride in being pioneers in fleet management technology. We, as a dedicated team, are passionate about empowering businesses to optimize their operations and enhance safety through our telematics solutions. With our office based in Düsseldorf, we provide dedicated service to customers throughout Germany, and it’s our commitment that sets us apart.

Jobs at Düsseldorf

Field Engineer Deutschland
Düsseldorf (DE), Full-time, Part-time

Growth, Connection and Fun

At Wanko Informationlogistik, you’ll be part of a friendly and open organization where personal growth is encouraged and supported by your colleagues. We regularly hold workshops to foster learning and knowledge-sharing, making work more enjoyable. We also prioritize team outings and company events to create a positive and relaxed work environment.

Our values

At FleetGO, our team is our greatest asset. We are over 170 professionals strong, committed to delivering the highest quality of service to our customers. Our culture is built around five core values. These values drive our daily operations and our long-term vision, shaping our relationships with customers, partners, and each other:

01 Knowledge

We believe in the power of knowledge. It informs our actions, stimulates our growth, and empowers our team. We are devoted to continuous learning and generous knowledge sharing.

02 Cooperation

Our achievements are not individual but collective. We value cooperation within our team, with our customers, our partners, and our suppliers.

03 Accountability

We entrust our team members with freedom and responsibility, understanding that the right person in the right place is crucial to our success. We believe in shared accountability and team efforts because we know that, together, we can accomplish anything.

04 Agility

We appreciate the dynamics of our industry. Our agility allows us to adapt to changes and embrace new opportunities.

05 Growth

We thrive on growth. As our team members grow, so does our company. We believe in nurturing the professional development of our team as much as our own business growth.

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